These Movies to Watch to Relieve Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Nowadays, viewers are exploring movies in non-local languages for better content. And they are rushing towards the Tollywood content. Thus Tollywood is now exponentially gaining viewers, breaking the language barriers. Hence, they are now dubb in various other local and regional languages. The demand for Telugu content has immensely increased in recent decades, leading to premiere on OTT platforms. OTT platforms are not only cost-friendly but also provide many services anytime and anywhere, and viewers can watch out their favorite movie or show on any screen whenever they feel like entertaining themselves. Aha is one such OTT flooded in Telugu content with multiple genres like kids, romantic, comedy, action, others. You can watch out a Telugu movie in the comedy or romantic genre to relieve your stress, depression, and anxiety. The top two movies streaming on Aha to uplift your mood are Zombie Reddy and, Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna. You can watch Telugu movies online on aha app.

Zombie Reddy is a Telugu zombie-comedy directed by Prasanth Varma. It has starred SajjaTeja, Anandhi, and Daksha Nagarkar revolves around the factionalism in Kurnool based on the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The story begins after the Indian government eases the COVID-19 lockdown guidelines it follows, Mario(Teja) and his mates going to a village in Kurnool to attend a friend’s wedding. Then at the wedding, they found out that the rival families are baying for blood, and a mysterious virus turns people into zombies in the same region. The story is about how Mario and his friends survive the zombie attack.

The second movie, Bhanumathi, and Ramakrishna is a Telugu romantic drama directed by SrikanthNagothi and starring Naveen Chandra and SalonyLuthra. Bhanumathi(SalonyLuthra) is a woman in her thirties who is carefree about the kind of judgments on her choices. She has to face anxiety due to society after she got dumped by her boyfriend. Time and again, she is reminded that it’s already late, and she should hurry and choose a partner and be less picky. Ramakrishna and Bhanu drive to Vijayawada together on a 4-days off, there they develop feelings for each other. Because of some misunderstandings, Bhanu chastises Ramakrishna, asking him not to interfere in her personal life. Later, Bhanu feels guilty and expresses her love to Ramakrishna at his place and seeks forgiveness.

These movies can lift your mood and cheer you up. It’s a best app for watch online movies. There are more such movies flooded in Aha to watch ad-free. So why feel low and depressed when you can entertain yourself with such amusing content. Download the aha app and binge-watch them.

Designing the works place for comfortable work

The company culture can   be reflected by the design of the company office which can be of cool appearance. The work place is considered to be more productive with the internal design of the work place. The office interior design singapore is one innovate makes the work space to cool and productive for the growth of the company.

Major things to be remembered while designing:

The office interior design singapore takes the following ideas for designing the workspaces for better productive from the employees.

Lighting:  The lighting plays an important role in the office as now a days mobile working, hot decking which has changed the functionality of the workspace. The new concepts have changed the aspect usage of lights and adaptability.Normally the task lighting is the good concept foot this in which it is located at the required place and not central controlled it is energy efficient and has gained lots of popularity.

 The flooring: The flooring plays an important role in flooring as the most important as white noise is becoming most source of disruption in work spaces. Most of the offices are preferring carpet to add beauty and to avoid white noise it adds plush to the feel in the space.

Storage:  The digital and physical balance is the new age office build up.The transitioning aspect of the office filing and storage and office workspace the needs of the office and business for smart and efficient storage spaces

Space for recreational activities:Normally short play breaks will boost up the productivity of the employees a good pool tables or indoor football will be good for the productivity

Thermal comfort and indoor air:The temperature maintenance is the main aspect for the good work place and it can be done regular maintained of the air conditioning and humidity of the work place. Constant maintenance will be good and environment will be more present for the work purpose

Acoustic and noise: The humming noise in the work place can be avoided by the pleasant music and the common areas have lot of white noise this also can be avoided because of the pleasant music.

Rest areas: The most important areas are the rest areas clean and comfortable rest areas to be designed for the hard-earned workers. Sometimes sleeping pods can be provided or lounges chairs and couches to make them relax between the works.


The company culture can   be reflected by the design of the company office which can be of cool appearance. The work place is considered to be more productive with the internal design of the work place and the environment will attract more and more productive employees to work with passion

Several steps that a successful future trader follows

Being a normal trader on the normal cryptocurrency is very different and the experience will definitely vary when it is compared with any of the future traders. No body who wants to involve in trading on futures would want to lose any trade or lose almost completely rather they would like to win and become an expert over time. Do checkout crypto leverage calculator to know what exact result would be obtained and how the specific futures traders become successful in their career.

If you are someone new to this futures market or already has got some basic knowledge, then read this article fully below to know how one could become a successful futures trader over time. They are as follows,

  • As futures trading is something that needs specific strategy to be followed by us, it is essential that the player has to manage the risks that piled up. Risk is one of common factors,that most people needs to take care off. As a trader, you must know how to manage the same with ease.
  • Everybody will have their own style on how to make trades on futures and make it successful. Also learn about crypto leverage calculator which would greatly gather him/her to avoid this specific bigger task of yours. Better, become a leader who will carry stronger trading skills and rarely lose the trades and also know how to prevent huge losses.
  • There should never be any kind of urgency to trade on a specific period of time in specified number of times having in mind about how it could possibly double or triple the chances of earning more money. Another most important and also the most neglected tip that most of the beginner traders make is that they choose the wrong or incorrect platform or exchange to make trading from. This results in loss of money as well as time which is always precious. So, consider all the above and act accordingly or else you will lose in not just a single trade but also in other future trades.
New Mopnado Mops For Every Varying Demand

Save The Floor With New Mopnado Mops 

Floor cleaning is a careful task to make sure the tiles or the wooden boards aren’t damaged. But generally, we use mops and scrubs while cleaning the floors and put undue pressure on them. While doing the job, we also exert pressure on ourselves that might hurt and strain our muscles. Brands like Mopnado especially take care of such concerns to ensure the users are given the best results and work ease.

How New Mops Reduce Strain?

Compared to the older models, where hard scrubbing was the only option, the new ones help keep the surface and the cleaner safe and sound.

  • Scrubbing can lead to scratches on tiles, or the old ones might crack on extra pressure. The wooden floor might chip and spike out dangerous slivers. The microfiber mops work exactly to remove the stain rather than shoving hard on the surface.
  • Hand scrubbers also accompany the mops. The thick and rigid stains are removed with surface wiping saving from scratching. The mop heads are detachable and are used to wipe wall tiles or tubs and basins.
  • The versatile mops are usable for every surface with the same effect and way easy for washing. Many like mopnado provide stainless steel light-weighted washing buckets with washer and squeezer compartments.
  • The sturdy fixed mop handles were uneasy as they had weren’t flexible. But the new ones being lightweight and pivotal, help reduce the pains and efforts and allows the cleaner to adjust the angle accordingly.

Thus, the new designs help overcome the difficulties of old-style cleaning. It is the trend of new age floor cleaning, and the stylish mops don’t disappoint anyone for that.


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