Ice cream is one of the most popular delicacies in the world, especially during the hot summer months it is often served as a tasty refreshment. Often this is done in a practical cardboard cup that can easily be carried in one hand. Of course, you can simply leave this cardboard in the usual white or buy a mug with a generic pattern – but you can also take advantage of this unique opportunity and use the ice cream sundae as an advertising medium. It’s a worthwhile idea, single serve ice cream cups because an ice cream sundae gets around a lot – and is seen a lot. People stand together comfortably and hold the cups in their hands, sit with them on a bench or stand at a table. Other people pass by and the glance unconsciously sweeps over the cool delicacy – and thus also over your advertising! While the appetite for ice cream is aroused, your advertising message is anchored in the memory and is quite unconsciously linked to the desirable snack.

Sundae with your advertising

Passionate ice cream connoisseurs particularly appreciate the variety of ice cream types available, and we also give you the choice for your advertising. The companies print almost anything you can imagine on your ice cream sundae. A high-quality four-colour print with your slogan, a logo or another picture motif, a list of ingredients and much more is conceivable. As your competent online printing company for a sundae, the company do their best to make your wishes come true. Design your desired motif yourself and send it to us as a high-resolution print template in PDF format or commission our dedicated service team with the necessary fine-tuning. For a small surcharge, the company will create a suitable design for you, with which the company can print your sundae.

High-quality cups for delicious ice cream

For your ice cream cups, the company print a sturdy cardboard box, the inside of which has a PE coating and thus guarantees perfect hygienic conditions. You can choose from five different, practical sizes: 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml and 400 mo, and if you want to get cups in other sizes even they will be done. All variants are very handy and ideally suited for an eye-catching but not intrusive print. Thecompany’s cups are completely harmless to health and meet the applicable standards. In your sundae print shop, you can get selected quality, food-safe and odourless and tasteless at a special price. Select a company that will process your order as quickly as possible so that you can receive the printed ice cream cups a few days after they have received all of the required data.