ERP consulting companies

ERP systems have been proven to help increase performance and reduce costs. Unlike classic merchandise management, they map all areas and business processes of a company. The focus is not only on materials management but also on finance and accounting, human resources, sales, marketing, research and other areas in the company. ERP functional consultant demarcations that used to be common between logistics, financial accounting and controlling, for example, are eliminated by a comprehensive ERP system. All areas communicate with each other and use the same database.

sales and marketing

The task of sales is to offer the company’s services and products to customers and end consumers for sale. This can be done through many channels. While capital goods and services are mainly sold via direct and telephone contacts, consumer goods are sold to end consumers via stationary retail and online via the Internet.

ERP consulting companies

Marketing supports sales by constantly analyzing the target groups and their needs to address potential buyers in a targeted manner with coordinated marketing messages and thereby increase sales.

Due to the competitive pressure, customer loyalty is of strategic importance in this process. Against this background, customer relationship management (CRM) is becoming increasingly important and is now integrated as a functional area in most ERP systems. The sales department can access the data from the order processing and is thus constantly informed about the current status of existing customer relationships.

  • intensive customer relationships
  • Sales Analysis
  • quoting

materials management

Materials management or merchandise management means the planning, administration and control of all material movements in the company and between the company and other economic entities such as customers and suppliers.