Online Car Insurance

With the availability of internet platforms, the process of selecting an insurance provider is not complicated. All you need to do is perform a background check. Here is a check list for you to consider:

  1. Claiming Process and  Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims resolved by insurance companies out of the total number of claims. It is thought that the greater the claim settlement ratio, the better your chances of having your claim settled.

Aside from that, you should seek for a firm that offers an online settlement method to lessen the trouble and make it easier to file claims.

  1. Insured declared value

The insured declared value is the maximum insurance coverage payout that is decided by the company to provide for the claimed vehicle that is been theft or damaged beyond repair.

IDV is the value of the car that is determined by manufactured by calculating original price of car minus depreciation. If your vehicle is completely damaged or stolen, then you can claim the insurance and receive the amount (IDV) from the insurance company. Company that provides the customizable option of IDV can be best way to increase the benefits of insurance policy.

  1. 24 hours customer support

You need to focus on the insurance companies that provide the best customer assistance. For example, companies that are also present online may provide 24×7 customer care, including on holidays.  This will help the customers to raise the complaints at any time according to their convenience.

  1. Network Garages

You can take advantage of the Network garages operated by the insurance company to repair and service your vehicle in the event of accidental damage caused by you.

Before using the services of the specific insurance coverage company, you must check how many network garages are there under the company by that you can utilize the cashless service. Nowadays there are many companies providing a door step service which can pick and drop your car after repairing in case of any damage.

  1. Simplifying Claim process

Some insurance companies provide the Smartphone based inspection process. This process may be done by taking photos or videos of damaged car for raising claims. This will save you cost and time rather than getting the agent to inspect the car.