Love, Hate, Comedy – Commitment

Tollywood is the nickname for the Telugu Cinema Industry, which is dedicated solely to movies and different content in the Telugu language. With the new wave of OTT platforms that have got popular in recent days, even the Tollywood industry has stepped up to offer their audience to watch their content online. The recent development of online series is booming in all aspects with creative and fun content. Web series are available for all genres ranging from horror to comedy. Comedy web series online available is an ultimate way to detox yourself by having a wonderful laugh session. Even Tollywood is coming up with a new set of web series, movies, etc., in this genre. Tollywood provides a wide range of comedy web series online to binge-watch with your bowl of popcorn. So, here is your chance to grab your device/remote and to have a rush of laughter by watching “commitment.”

Commitment is an Indian Telugu-language rom-com web series. In 2019, The Viral Fever (TVF) declared that it would redo Permanent Roommates in Telugu. They later reported that they would create the redo by teaming up with Aha and name the web series “commitment.” The director of the series is PavanSadineni, and it features UdhbavRaghunandan and PunarnaviBhupalam in lead jobs. The series rotates around the life of a youthful couple, Anu and Phani, who, after being in a significant long-distance relationship for a very long time, faces the possibility of marriage. It debuted on Aha on 13 November 2020. It is the redo of the 2014–2016 Hindi-language web series Permanent Roommates. Phani gets back to India from the United States of America to amaze Anu and proposes to her. Anu’s roommate advises her to think before marrying someone she had not met for a long time. Thus, Anu refuses but finally gives in to Phani’s persistence. The two, in the end, strike a trade-off, picking to move in together first. The subsequent events comprise the show showing how they try to tackle all their unforeseen consequences.

Aha is a recently developed online streaming platform that features Tollywood content and is launched on 25th March 2020. This streaming service is owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited, a joint venture by Geetha Arts and My Home Group. Aha has an extensive range of Tollywood content to watch. You can watchcommitmental web series online in the Aha app, which is just a click away. Tollywood has become very popular in the present-day with its steaming scripts. Hence, you can watch and re-watch your favorite movies and shows in the Aha app at a very minimal price. There are many Aha original series on the platform for binge-watching, which includes the comedy genre too. Hence you can go and binge-watch the commitment web series online without any further delay. These platforms are promoting young talents having a lot of potential to entertain us. The platform also does not promote advertisements for non-stop entertainment for their viewers.

After watching this movie you can tell why horses are so faithful like dogs

After watching this movie you can tell why horses are so faithful like dogs

Gypsy is a south indiantamil language latest film later dubbed into telugu. It was released in 2020. It is a romantic drama with a bit of political touch. This film shows the relationship between a horse and a man who travels like a hippie with no destination, it’s the journey he takes part in. This film is a journey of this man with his horse across the nation. After watching this movie you can tell why horses are so faithful like dogs towards humans. This is one of the classic movies from south indian film industry and definitely makes a great change to your movie watch-list. Watch this latest movie!

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Jiiva

Actress: Natasha Singh

Other actors: Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne.

Director: Raju Murugan

Assistant Director: ShivanandArumugaswamy

Banner: Olympia Movie

Producer: Ambeth Kumar

Music: Santhosh Narayan, Susheel Raman

Cinematography: Selvakumar S K

Editing: Raymond Derrick Crasta

Written By: Raju Murugan

Other information:

Runtime: 161 minutes

Release date: 06 March 2020

Genre: Romantic Road

Box Office: ₹ 8.35 Cr

Story line:

The story begins with a family along with an old man hiding under a bridge inside the tunnel from the army who were looking to kill them. They come out thinking the soldiers left, but soldiers kill the family as the old man watches from the tunnel and they leave. Old man takes up the child who wasn’t dead and raises him as he was orphaned right in front of his eyes. The old man is a traveller who has been travelling across the country since he was young, he names the kid as gypsy and teaches him to live like one. Gypsy is a free spirited person who travels around with no destination. He grows up to be like one and as in his journey with his best friend horse, he falls for a women from traditional and orthodoxicalmuslim family. They both get into a relationship and marry each other to spend a happy life exploring. However, their hopes on life will be drained due to communal riot.

Reasons to watch Gypsy;

  • To feel and fall in love! There is a beautiful love story hidden in the wild political drama. That little spark will make you smile and feel good.
  • A wild story of a young man! To know how that man tried to save himself and fight against the war between right and wrong.
  • To explore beautiful places, this movie is made in a location which seems near to heaven.
  • You can watch this movie to get motivated to stand for yourself if you are on the right side no matter who your opponent is.
  • To experience the best and fine graphics and editing. This movie is a literal treat to all message oriented movie lovers.
  • Jiiva fans! A big heads up to watch him in a bold and brave character.

You can watch Gypsy movies online Telugu only on Aha!